Client:                          Holcim Concrete

Location:                      Margaret River

Project:                        Concrete batching plant upgrade

Project Objectives:

  • Create a complete new concrete batching plant on a new greenfield site.

Maxxal tasks:

  • Develop plant layout concepts to achieve the objectives
  • Apply vehicle path planning software to confirm required vehicle access within the site
  • Develop site G/As and elevations for Council planning approval
  • FEA analyses and design of the cement silos
  • Mechanical, structural and civil engineering design
  • Process flow design
  • Pneumatic and water system design
  • Design and produce certified construction drawings for:
    • Site plan
    • Complete plant G/As
    • Underground services arrangement
    • 140t split compartment cement silo and stand
    • 60t cement silo and stand
    • Batch enclosure and raised bag storage
    • Cement weigh hopper
    • Batch conveyor
    • Transfer air slide
    • Control cab stand
    • Access platforms and stairways
    • Aggregate weigh hoppers, stand and dust enclosures
    • Concrete footings, pits, ramps, ground bins and slabs
  • Prepare Specifications and Scopes of Work
  • Carry out tender process and recommendations
  • Provide project management and document control