Bulk powder shipping container

Maxxal has designed a shipping container for bulk powders comprising a non-pressurized vessel which is transported in the horizontal position. The shipping container incorporates an integrated frame to form a monocoque style of structure. The frame conforms to ISO (International Standards Organization) standards for shipping containers and includes conforming corner castings. The vessel incorporates filling hatches, aerators; vent pipe, isolation valves and quick connect couplings.

The shipping container requires a tilting facility and pneumatic suction transfer unit for discharge.  This can be achieved using a container tipping trailer and a proprietary pneumatic transfer unit. When the container is tilted to an appropriate angle to the horizontal, mass flow discharge of the powder contents can be achieved using an appropriate pneumatic suction transfer unit.

A prototype unit has been fabricated and trialed to confirm functionality.

Maxxal has registered an innovation patent for the unit and also registered the design.

The Maxxal bulk powder shipping container minimizes the cost and complexity of each unit and would be ideal to form a large fleet of units for transporting large quantities of bulk powder such as cement or lime to a remote project.

We are able to quote to supply any number of units. Please contact us for further information.